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The Ribbed Rug

SizeS - 3'

The Ribbed Rug, a macro look into the ridges of a classic ribbed wool knit. Featuring alternating rows of height that create a raised textural and visual pattern. Long vertical tube-shaped lines are used throughout to trick the eye to elongate the length of your space and the things within it. 

Product ships in 1-2 weeks. All sales are final. But hey, if there's a hiccup with your order, contact us.
Size Guide

S - 3' (6" x 24")

M - 6' (72" x 48")

L - 8' (96" x 64.8")

XL - 10' (120" x 84")

Pile Height

Tubes - 35mm

Base - 10mm


100% New Zealand Wool & 100% Cotton Backing

Yarn is hand-dyed so coloration may vary


Unpacking Your Rug

Your rug (excluding shag) will arrive rolled and cold - shake it out to loosen up the fibers. Let the rug lay out for 24 hours to flatten completely. Expect some light natural shedding for the first two weeks. 

Your shag rug will arrive rolled, cold, and flat - shake it out to loosen up the fibers. If needed, use your fingers to fluff out any areas that may need more manipulation to loosen up and become more voluminous. Alpaca Wool shag rugs will shed more visibly for the first two weeks.

Cleaning Your Rug

New Zealand Wool is a naturally self-cleaning fiber. Vacuum on high pile for regular cleaning and maintenance. Address any spills immediately by blotting the area with a damp cloth or paper towel with water. Water helps dilute any spill or dirt marks and should dry fairly quickly as this is a natural material. If needed, consult a local professional for cleaning. 

Alpaca Wool is a delicate and fine fiber. We do not recommend vacuuming any of our shags made with this wool. To clean, we recommend shaking the rug out as regularly as you can to expel any loose fibers or debris caught between fibers. Address any spills immediately by targeting the area with a small amount of water and a dry cloth or paper towel.

The Ribbed Rug